Dreaming of…trims and things

So, I know you’ve seen this trim before, but hopefully you won’t mind it cropping up in this short and sweet post.


This project was a complete stash-busting project. I had a metre of this navy wool left after this dress, a couple of metres of this lovely trim, the zip, and literally scraps of the bright blue for the waistband.


The trim had previously worked well on a plain background, so I knew that this combination would work well for a simple pleated skirt.


Which is exactly what this is. Literally a selection of different rectangles. 2 big ones pleated onto smaller ones for the waistband.



There’s not much more to say about the construction, so just enjoy looking at the pictures :-)



Since these photos, I have actually taken out one of the side pleats so that the skirt isn’t quite as poofy. I don’t usually wear low waisted skirts, so it feels a bit funny with this one, but I think it will look nice with tights and a jumper in the winter.