Dreaming of…happily ever afters

Last week, one of my loveliest friends married her loveliest man, had the loveliest wedding and became the loveliest married couple. They’re off on their honeymoon now and starting their happily ever after.

So I had thought I’d show you the loveliest one of the loveliest dresses.




Disclaimer: Obviously, the bride had THE loveliest dress, and there were lots of other lovely lovely dresses on the guests. I don’t want to claim mine as the loveliest out of all the dresses there, but I think it is the loveliest dress I’ve made.


Anyways, I’ve had 2m of this silky blend fabric in my stash for ages. It seemed perfect for a summer wedding guest dress. I used Vogue V8998, which incidentally calls for more than 2m! I figured that I could be creative with the cutting layout, but it turned out I had to cheat a bit and cut some pieces off the grain. I can almost hear the angry mob heading straight for me. Sorry!


Fortunately, it didn’t seem to affect the shape too much and I just trimmed it to the same length like I would a circle skirt.



I recently ordered some lace samples from White Tree Fabrics . They send a really large strip of fabric and it seemed a shame to waste them. So I used some of these lace samples to emphasise the princess seams with a bit of colour blocking. I just underlined the lace with the dress fabric so that it blended in and then made sure that it was symmetrical on each side piece.



I ended up with a weird circle right on my bust – but no-one commented on it, so I probably shouldn’t have pointed it out!

I was always planning on wearing this dress with a petticoat to give the super drapey fabric a bit of shape, so I only lined the bodice. The wedding was on one of the only hot days this summer, so I was rather pleased with that decision.


This dress is very near perfection. I love the length.

The lace panels.

The low back.


However, I’m not sure how / why, but the sleeves are really restricting. I can only move my arms forwards about 15 degrees!! I couldn’t even reach out to properly pet this horse we found.

Any tips for how to prevent this if I make it again. I can only think that maybe the sleeve shouldn’t come so far under the arm?

54 thoughts on “Dreaming of…happily ever afters

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  4. This is a really beautiful dress and looks lovely on you! I really like the fabric and what you did with the lace. I considered buying this pattern as well so it’s nice to see a version of it.

  5. I don’t think the cutting of the pattern off grain is bad at all! Sometimes you gotta make do and your dress still came out absolutely fabulously!

    Also, the lace inserts are love. Just the right amount of interest without being overwhelming or too much. Great job and congrats to the happy couple 😀

    • I’m glad you think it’s acceptable too. I never even used to think about grain when I started sewing, but the more I ‘know’ about sewing, the more I overthink everything I do ‘wrong’! Thanks for your comment

  6. Your dress is gorgeous! What a great way to use the lace. I’ve been known to cut out across the grain too, and managed to get away with it! Re the sleeves, do you think the bottom of the armhole could be too low? It seems a bit low in the first photo, and there seem to be drag lines across the sleeve front to the underarm. So you could raise the bottom of the armsyce, or slash and spread the sleeve to widen it a bit. I’m no expert in this though, and am just thinking about what I would do myself! Also the bride’s dress is gorgeous, and it looks like you had a great day.

    • Thanks! Yes, that was my first thought as well. I think if I raised it up a bit, it wouldn’t be pinning my arms to my side so much! It was a fabulous day, I only hope our wedding can be as fun next year!

  7. Stunning dress! I love what you’ve done with the lace… I always want to add features like that to a project, but always wimp out at the last moment.

    Plus – your hair always looks so lovely!!! 🙂

  8. I love the lace panels. It’s making me want to buy all the lace! When I had problems with arm movement it was because I needed a broad back adjustment.

  9. I love the lace panels on this dress. It’s making me want to go and order all the lace! When I had problems with arm movement I needed a broad back adjustment.

  10. What a lovely dress!! Absolutely gorgeous! I’m pleased to hear that sometimes other people sneakily cut things a bit off the grain line when they don’t quite have enough fabric 😉 great work on the lace too – I’m going to give that a go!!!

  11. I love this dress on you! You were very clever to add the lace. It is an eye-catching detail. As for the sleeves, you just need someone there to wait on you hand and foot. Right?

  12. I really like how you used lace fabric there which shows more details of the cut and style of the pattern. This is a very beautiful dress and it definitely looks lovely on you!

  13. Loveliest indeed! The contrast panels with the lace is so unique–fabulous idea! I wish I could help with the tight sleeves; I often have that problem too. If you find any tips, definitely pass them along!

  14. I don’t think you’d be far off in claiming you had the loveliest dress as a wedding guest! You’ve really nailed the most flattering silhouettes for your body, and the lace around the waist and princess seams is such a beautiful idea, it really makes the dress stand out!

  15. Yep…Loveliest comes to mind when seeing this dress! It is so pretty and feminine…the lace touches really make it special!

    I agree…things get serious when one can’t pet the four legged beasts! I hope you find a solution with future makes!

  16. That lace is fantastic! I’m going to have to try that technique with my own sewing. Thanks for sharing!

    Also, good luck with the sleeves. Sorry I can’t give you any tips :/

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