Tartan Dressing Gown Skirt

Following on from the last post, in which I up cycled a picnic blanket, this time I’m changing a dressing gown into a skirt.



As per usual, I’ve forgotten to take before photos, but it looked like this with a MUCH smaller price tag!!

I bought it for Martin years ago, but he’s more of a jumper wearer than a dressing gown wearer so it still had the tags on.

The day came when he was about to put it in a charity bag. However, this day happened to coincide with me wanting some tartan for a skirt, so I nabbed it for myself.

I chopped the ‘skirt’ part with a straight line just above the pockets as I wanted to keep them as a feature. Then I cut a rectangle of fabric and interfaced it to be a waistband. I somehow measured this wrong, so I actually had to put in an extra pleat after I made it all up, but it fits great now.


The only other thing I had to do was add buttons and buttonholes. I think, for the first time ever, I didn’t have a single issue with the buttonholes so the whole project only took a couple of hours.




This is very much a winter skirt, meaning I’ll probably always wear it with tights. Think I might hem it a bit shorter when I can be bothered. What do you think?



7 thoughts on “Tartan Dressing Gown Skirt

  1. Super skirt, such a good idea! I love tartan and was also thinking of making one as I found saw a lovely rtw in the sale but didn’t haven’t my size. I also love the way you have styled it with the red coat, it looks fab!

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