Dreaming of…even more reasons to make your own clothes

It’s very rare that I buy RTW these days. It really has to be something special to catch my eye.

Well, a few weeks ago I bought this anthropologie dress that I had fallen in love with when I visited their Bath shop in the summer. It was the fabric that really enticed me. I knew I’d struggle to find the same pattern and it was that, that I wanted. I also loved the beading on the bodice and would never be bothered to do that for myself!


I kept an eye on any offers and got rather excited when it was on sale for half price. However, something held me back from buying it right then and there. And that something must have been fate, as there was quickly a further 20% off all sale items. Amazing!

Or so I thought.

I didn’t read the reviews that would have warned me the dress runs on the large size, otherwise I would have saved myself lots of hassle.

As it was, I ordered the size 12. Not only was it too big, but a few beads were missing. Anthropologie were fab and sent me a free returns label, but the returns process was a bit awkward and long winded.

Next arrived a size 10. And it was still too big. I’d love to think this is a true reflection of my size, but I actually think its a sizing issue with the dress. Annoyingly, size 8 had sold out.

Now I know I can sew and take things in, but when I spend quite a lot of money on a dress, I want it to be perfect straight away. Plus, the bodice has boning all around it, so taking it in wasn’t quite so straightforward.

But I really wanted the dress. Purely for the fabric. So I got out my pins and took in the sides a good 2 inches at the waist. I tried carrying on the new side seam down into the skirt, but it looked too bunchy, so instead I pleated the excess fabric in the skirt, so that the side hips poof out a little bit, but I think it kind of suits the style.


In the end I also took up the skirt 2 inches and fixed a little pull on the bodice.


I love the dress now, and I did wear if for my Christmas do, but it seems like it was far too much hassle to get there. I don’t think I’d have bothered if I didn’t love the fabric too much.





All in all, just more proof that making your own clothes is definitely the way forward.