I was never originally planning an Easter post.

But then I made this dress.


And then I had an Easter egg hunt in my garden (because I’m 5 at heart).


And then I decided that those 2 things would go perfectly together.

So, after finding all my Easter eggs, I put on this dress, picked a blogger appropriate basket and faked another Easter egg hunt in the garden. And all because I knew you lovely people would be missing out if I didn’t.


Now, some of you may be thinking that this is a rather seasonally inappropriate dress – what with the cotton, strapless, short combo. In truth, you’d be right.

However, I didn’t make this dress to be worn now (it was just convenient that it’s made of spring like colours for Easter). In actual fact, I’m trying out strapless bodices for the under dress of my wedding dress!!! Eek – only 4 months to go. I wasn’t going to share all my wedding progress before the big day, but this is such a small part of the dress, and won’t actually look like the real deal, that I didn’t think it would give too much away.


The extra bonus of making dresses like this is that I’ll have plenty of summery outfits for our honeymoon.

What do you think of the shape of this bodice? I really like the coverage and it feels very secure. I think it needs to be 1cm shorter at the front, but other than that, it’s a pretty good fit all over.

30 thoughts on “Easter!

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  2. I’ve just found your blog and it’s really great, I love the dresses you make (I checked the wedding dress of your sister-in-law, and the coats… amazing! I’m just too lazy to comment on each posts 🙂

  3. Your pieces always speaks beautiful.. Lovely.. chic.. girly… flirty..love this dress.. Another amazing piece.. 🙂 You must have quite the collection. I love the bodice, very flattering..

  4. Beautiful dress! I think the bodice is perfect for a wedding dress, especially if it feels secure. You can always add a waist stay for extra security too.

  5. That dress is gorgeous! The details are a win in my books for a wedding dress, the sweetheart neckline is a beautiful shape on you, and the back really accentuates your tiny waste and narrow back. And you have nailed the fit. Do you think you will use this one?

  6. My first thought when I saw the bodice was, “That’d be a gorgeous wedding dress neckline!” 🙂 The dress is fabulous and very flattering! Is the bodice from a pattern, or is it self drafted? Looking forward to seeing more wedding dress progress!

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