My Quick Fix


Recently, I’ve been craving my sewing machine and the satisfaction of completing a project. Before heading home for Christmas this year I had a day with nothing planned (quite a rarity in the past few months), so I set to work to fill it. I made 24 mince pies, a carrot cake, started a canvas and then turned to sewing. At this late stage in the day I needed something simple and quick. A circle skirt. Instant gratification indeed.


I had 2m of this lovely cherry print, which I managed to squeeze a full circle skirt from. I’m not sure of the fabric content, but I think it must be some kind of wool blend as it dries very quickly and doesn’t seem to crease at all.


I hung the skirt for a few hours to let the hem drop and then trimmed it to a symmetrical length.


There’s nothing at all to say about the construction of this skirt – it’s a very simple pattern. It is lovely to wear with a slouchy jumper and boots, but I’m sure it will work well in the spring too. I’m not too keen on overlapping button closures on skirts so I just attached a loop to fit the button through. I had this perfect button in my stash – it matched the cherries and it’s very satisfying to use up those lonesome buttons on skirts. The added bonus of this method is that you don’t need to sew a buttonhole!


I wore this on christmas day…for about 10 minutes because unfortunately the waistband is not very forgiving and my waist definitely needed to be forgiven! Plus I had to beg my brothers to take photos of me posing and for some reason they got bored of this quickly – odd.


So I quickly returned to my pyjamas and Christmas jumper!


I hope you all had a lovely day and that you chose more forgiving waistbands than mine!

A Canvas for Christmas

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