Dreaming of…quick crafts and attractive adornments

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Dreaming of…Simple DIYs

While you are reading this I am enjoying the glorious sunshine / torrential rain / standard mild grey British summer weather (delete as appropriate) of the lake district. I have turned off my wifi so I can’t actually tell you what the weather is like as I am writing this from the past / to the future. Needless to say – none of that actually matters.

After showing you my new gallery wall last week, I thought you might like to see some other simple transformations I’ve been able to tick off my list.

This one involved more Annie Sloan chalk paint and some furniture that was bland and boring.

Namely this TV stand. We had it in our flat, where it fitted in quite nicely, but have been wanting to replace it to blend in with our current living room decor. We’ve never gotten around to actually replacing it though, so when I discovered the chalk paint on my frames, I had a flash of inspiration. How easy would it be to just paint over the whole thing to make it look more stylish?! The answer…very easy.


We looked for a dark grey paint, but couldn’t find one we liked so settled for this blue.

After unscrewing the cupboard doors, all it took was 1 layer of paint (seriously no sanding or priming), a layer of wax, some distressing with sandpaper and a final layer of wax. The whole thing took about 3 hours including drying time – be warned, it dries VERY quickly!


Nothing is ever that simple though and in the process of putting it all back in the living room, we managed to snap the glass TV stand. This meant that we had to wall mount the TV and left the unit looking rather bare.

broken tv stand

The trickiest bit then was deciding how to style it up.

styling 1styling 2styling 3

We settled on styling 3 in the end – just the right amount of colour and balance.


Finally I painted a little mahogany side table to match. This took about half an hour to do the whole thing and now makes it fit our living room beautifully!

side table

Have you had much luck with chalk paint?

I have loads left … just need some more things to paint now!

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