Dreaming of…

A couple of weeks ago I re-did my sewing plan list for this summer. One of the best parts of being a teacher is the long holidays and the knowledge that I can sew to my hearts content. We have 3 weddings to go to in August, and September, so pretty summer dresses are heading the list, but, as you might have seen on my Instagram, this little baby snuck in somehow anyway.


We’ve finally had some warm weather in Wales and I wanted to make a fairly loose, casual dress. I bought this vintage pattern a while ago and was looking forward to trying out the pleating – something a bit different from my usual waisted dresses. I’ve been hoarding this trim since my last visit to Birmingham, and, after choosing this solid blue organic cotton, I knew that this dress would be the perfect opportunity to let the embroidery shine.


The pattern was super easy to put together. 3 pieces for the main dress, plus ties and tie loops (which I guess could be optional anyway). Once I’d marked out and sewn the pleats, it was a simple combination of sewing the shoulder seams, sewing the side seams with the ties enclosed, adding the loops, sewing the zip and then finishing off.



The dress calls for facings on the inside, but I hate facings so I turned to my trusty old bias binding for the armholes and neckline. Speaking of necklines, I think vintage people must have had necks like giraffes. I originally felt like the dress was trying to strangle me, but after hacking a much wider neckline, it now feels lovely.



Adding the trim made the top half of the dress look quite plain, so I sewed on these little heart shape buttons. I am aware that I now look like I’m wearing a 4 year olds dress, but they’re always the best dresses anyway. Plus everyone at work (children and staff) loved it, so I think that’s a win!




I wore this to Cardiff Street Food Circus last weekend. It’s only open one more weekend, but well worth it if you’re in the ‘Diff! The dress stood up very well to eating lots of yummy food.


I took these photos in front of this sign, which looks all fine and dandy. But these signs were right in front of the porta-loos. I had quite a few strange looks. The things I do for this blog eh? Although, saying that, just after we’d finished taking photos a group of girls went over and started taking selfies there too, so I like to think I set the trend. Where’s the most awkward place you’ve ever taken photos?