Dreaming of…prideful moments

I’m pretty much going to let these pictures speak for themselves, but I recently had the opportunity to make my future sister in laws wedding dress.

This was such an honour and I was so pleased to be asked, but it was a bit scary having such a responsibility. Fortunately the bride was an absolute dream to work with; she knew exactly what she wanted to start with, was really laid-back throughout the entire process and has such a beautiful figure that the dress was super easy to fit and make pretty.

I didn’t expect to feel so nervous on the day of the wedding. It all went down well though and I had lots of lovely comments and the bride looked absolutely stunning.

Here’s the dress pre final fitting and without hemming.



Scalloped stitches to edge the lace.

Dress after all the last tweaks.



And finally, the bride in her dress on the big day!



I’m so excited to start applying some of these techniques to making my dress and so grateful that I was asked to do such an important thing for their wedding day πŸ™‚

38 thoughts on “Dreaming of…prideful moments

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  2. Beautiful dress! Do you mind me asking which shop you purchased your lace from? I’m hunting for lace for my own wedding dress at the moment and am based in South Wales so any tips would be gratefully received!

  3. WOWSERS!!! I take my hat off to you for making it, and also wanting to take on the responsibility. It makes me nervous just thinking about it! The dress is absolutely gorgeous, and I love the bride’s red shoes. Good luck with your dress.

  4. Love this style! After doing my own wedding dress last year, I am really keen to make one for someone else. I just need to find someone now!

    • Ah thank you. It’s actually not dissimilar to this dress. Different enough that the in-laws won’t think I’m just reusing this one, but similar in shape maybe. Haven’t started it yet though so it may all change!

  5. What a beautiful dress, and what an honour to be asked! Your future sister-in-law looks stunning in her dress and the fact you made the dress will make it even more special. Are you making your own wedding dress too, is that what you mean by applying the techniques?

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