Dreaming of… coat making progress

The pattern

The pattern

And thank goodness I’m making progress.

To be honest, choosing the fabric was the longest battle. After countless samples, we finally picked one and then I spent a little while plucking up the courage to order such an expensive yardage!



However, I eventually plucked up the courage and a few days later this beautiful bolt of grey cashmere arrived on my doorstep. It was beautifully packaged, but I was too excited to photograph that before opening it, so you’ll have to take my word for it.


As I showed you briefly a few weeks ago, I had already made a muslin which fit well. So I stuck to using this as the lining. This left the interfacing and the outer fabric still to cut.


I then proceeded to spend the next million hours of my life cutting out the same pieces, what felt like 20 times each. There was lots of palm sweating while cutting into this wool, but it cut like a dream.



All the pieces ready to go - just waiting for the main fabric!

All the pieces ready to go – just waiting for the main fabric!

At this point that’s as far as it’s got. I’m relying heavily on the good fit of the muslin to see me through to fitting to actual coat, so watch this space for a hopefully beautiful coat coming soon!