Picnic Blanket Dress

For our wedding, I bought a load of big pieces of fabric to use as picnic blankets.

After the wedding it seemed like a waste to just get rid of the fabric.

So I turned one of the pieces into a super comfy, blanket dress.




I used the free Deer and Doe Plantain Top (which I’ve used before) for the bodice, but took it in on the side seams and chopped it off at waist level.

I cut the sleeves to 3/4 length.


Then I just added a slightly gathered circle skirt ‘et voila’.

This was a very simple make. The seams are just overlocked and with a lack of darts, it was nice and quick.


I did add some elastic to the shoulder seams and the waistband so that it keeps the shape and so far it has stood up to fairly frequent wearing. This is definitely a secret pyjama dress 🙂

If I were to make it again, I’d take it in a bit more and raise the waistline 1/2 an inch so that it hits in a more flattering place.

I’m also very aware that the colour of my skin almost matches the colour of the dress in these photos. I took them on a rather chilly day in Cambridge!

5 thoughts on “Picnic Blanket Dress

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  2. So cool! I’m really impressed that you were able to imagine the blanket fabric as a dress. I’m sure I probably would never have managed the leap. Nice work and the color goes well with your lovely coloring.

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