Dreaming of…twirling in circle skirts (TUTORIAL)

Don’t you just think that circle skirts are super flattering? And they win bonus points as they are super easy to make too! This tutorial will guide you through making a pattern for your own measurements – which you can … Continue reading

Dreaming of…pleated skirts (TUTORIAL)

You will need: 7 inch zip Fabric Interfacing (optional) Hook and eye or button and loop General sewing kit 1. Cut out the fabric for your waistband. This needs to be the length of your waist + 3cm (for seam … Continue reading

Dreaming of…elasticated skirts (TUTORIAL)

An elasticated skirt is such a basic piece to have in your wardrobe that every woman should be able to make them. I’m sure many of you already know how, but for those who don’t, or who want a refresher, … Continue reading

How to recreate your favourite dress

Recently, I was commissioned to remake a favourite dress for a customer. She passed over the original dress and chose all the fabric and lining that she wanted. I set to work with my pattern making tools and thought that … Continue reading

Did you mean to shrink that cashmere jumper?

….of course you did. You just knew that you would get a hat, a flower brooch and some other crafts out of one item of clothing! So much more efficient! Anyway, I’m here today to show you how to achieve … Continue reading