Dreaming of … more vintage up-cycles

Next in the series of up-cycled items…

This smock like dress – perhaps it was a nightdress? – from my vintage suitcase haul.

photo 1photo 2

There were so many cute features I loved on the original of this dress. The hand covered buttons and button loops, the crossover sleeves, the gathered shoulder yokes.

I wanted to keep all of these bits so I updated it in a sympathetic way.

First of all I opened up the side seams and recut the bodice so that I could add darts.




I chopped off the sleeves so that I could reattach them as small petal sleeves.


Then I gathered the skirt and reattached it all together.



All in a days work and a very cute dress to show for it, I hope you’ll agree!

Dreaming of… blog hopping along.

Have you seen the Blog Hop doing the rounds? Basically it’s a thing where all the blogs have to dress up like bunny’s and jump around in fields. Actually, I’m not sure where it originates, all I know is that I was nominated by the lovely Lynne from ozzyblackbeard and that it’s a really fun way to find out a little bit about other bloggers. If you’re interested then that’s exactly what you’re going to get from this post!

Without much further ado here are my answers to THE four questions!

Why do I write?
1 – one of my many childhood dreams was to be an author (another was to be a librarian and a third was to drive tractors), so perhaps this is my outlet for all my ramblings.
2 – nowadays I think it’s mostly to be part of the sewing community (too cliche?). Until I started a blog I had no idea how many like minded people were out there and how amazing they all are. So I guess I write because of that and because I like sharing my makes. Plus I’m a bit of a poser :-)

What am I working on?
I have 2 projects in mind at the moment.
This dress that I’ve sketched…

And a pencil skirt from this vintage fabric…


How does it differ from others of it’s genre?
Hmm, I’m not sure that it does. I think that what makes us write and read each others blogs is a lot of shared interests, which inevitably leads to similar topics. Perhaps I do more up cycling than some other blogs feature, but I can’t even claim that to be a USP!


How does my writing process work?
Basically I like planning and I like lists. So I tend to plan my blog posts in a list – sometimes if I have a lot of content at a time, I do a calendar for the month. After that I tend to take photos first and then sit down and write 2 or 3 posts at a time. I like to spend a chunk of time writing rather than doing it in short bursts.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading a little about me. I’m looking forward to reading more about my 3 nominees (sorry I just couldn’t stick to the advised 2 as these ladies all have great things to offer!)…
Bianca from Vintage on Tap. I literally just found her blog this week and am so impressed with her style and the dresses she has made.
Katherine from See Kat Sew. Another newly discovered blog, but again, I was instantly drawn to the design of her blog and the beautiful fabrics she chooses to make her gorgeous dresses from!
And last, but by no means least, Charlie from this blog is not for you. I’ve followed Charlie’s blog for a while now and she makes such professional looking clothes that I’m always super impressed and a tad jealous very inspired. She’s also releasing her own patterns at the moment and I think they’re sure to be a great hit as they’re all so classic and elegant.
Check them all out if you have time – I’m sure you’ll see why I couldn’t stick to 2!

Dreaming of…more stuff to giveaway!

Last week I offered up some of my excess fabric. Since then I’ve added some new ones to the list – so dive right in if you fancy any of them.

Same rules apply as last time.
1. First to comment that they want the fabric (you can choose as many as you want), gets the fabric. Once the fabrics have been claimed then I’ll take the photos down.
2. Happy to post worldwide so long as you’re happy to cover postage costs.
3. If you win the fabric then you will need to email me with your postal address within 24 hours of me replying to your comment, otherwise I’ll re-list it.

Vintage synthetic silky fabric - brown pattern on white length - 86ins width - 35ins

Vintage synthetic silky fabric – brown pattern on white
length – 86ins
width – 35ins

navy / red / beige wool blend length at shortest (has had a circle skirt cut out) - 25 inches width - 60 inches

navy / red / beige wool blend
length at shortest (has had a circle skirt cut out) – 25 inches
width – 60 inches

cut out shape on above fabric

cut out shape on above fabric

beige / navy wool lots of mixed rectangles all more than 8 inches wide

beige / navy wool
lots of mixed rectangles
all more than 8 inches wide

blue / grey stretch fabric large remnant piece

blue / grey stretch fabric
large remnant piece

Dreaming of … a budget where I can buy everything from Anthropologie

What would you buy if you won the lottery? I love playing this game. Obviously I’d give half to charity :-) and then I’d donate a wing to Hogwarts so that even though I didn’t get to go, my kids would be able to, but apart from that I’d probably blow the whole lot in Anthropologie!

A few weeks ago I visited my Grandma in Bath and we spent a good portion of our day browsing in Anthropologie. I fell in love with this dress. And this one. And this one. And…you get the idea!

Anyway, the Gallery Row dress was my absolute favourite. The fit was great, the length was perfect and the fabric draped beautifully. It was farrrr to low though, which was a shame. But then I reminded myself that I can sew. This had the added bonus of saving me £158. I already had fabric that I wanted to use – it had the same drape as the original dress and the navy blue is actually more my colour.

So I pretty quickly got to it. I used the burdastyle dress with gathered rectangle skirt for the bodice. My muslin was the lining of the dress and I had to shorten the darts substantially – they were trying to crawl up my throat! I also moved the zip to the CB so that I could use a chunky metal zip like the original dress.







For the skirt I cut a full circle skirt and an extra quarter circle panel. I wanted to add pockets to the front of the dress (like the original), so I used this extra panel in the middle of the skirt front and then sewed in seam pockets in here. Very subtle, but practical I think you’ll agree. It also meant that I could lightly gather the skirt to make it even more full.






I made a fairly slim petticoat to give a slightly more vintage shape. I couldn’t find a tutorial that made much sense to me, so I followed my own ideas and made a very simple version with a gathered cotton slip and a net layer to give some shape.


Overall it was a pretty simple dress to make, but I love the outcome. The lining of the bodice fits perfectly, but somehow the outer bodice is slightly looser. I actually really like the way this has turned out. It looks great with a belt and the fabric slightly overlapped. At least I think so! Still holding out for the funds to shop exclusively in Anthro, but for now I’ll settle for making use of my sewing skills!