Catching up from the summer

After all the wedding blog posts, I’ve neglected to show you any of my other summer sewing.

I haven’t been very busy, but there are quite a few things to catch up on. Most of which I photographed over a month ago so the weather and number of layers may look rather different to the current conditions outside. I’m currently snuggled up in my PJ-est PJs, fluffy dressing gown and thick wool blanket.


I made this dress from about a metre and a half of vintage cotton. It was a weird shape, so I properly had to patchwork the pieces together, but thanks to the abstract print, I don’t think it’s noticeable.


The pattern is Simplicity 2444, which I’ve made so many times now that I think I have the fit perfect. This time I lowered the armholes slightly as they were a bit tight last time. I also lowered the neckline a little bit, but that was just to change the style slightly.


I sewed a centre seam in the front skirt and used a vintage zip in the back. I love this dress. It reminds me of ice cream. Mmmm.



At the same time as cutting this one out, I actually cut out another version, which I’ll show you in a few days. Hope you’re looking forward to that 🙂

13 thoughts on “Catching up from the summer

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  2. Your dresses are so cute! Also, I am envious of your picture quality! I’ve been really trying to make my blog as good as I can, and the one thing that keeps evading me is really amazing pictures. I’ve gotta say, you have done an amazing job with your blog!

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