Dreaming of…polka dot perfection

I feel like I say this every other post, but I strongly feel that polka dots make everything better!

Especially when they’re navy and white.





This is the fourth and final (for now) skirt that I made from remnants in my stash. And as I may have given away earlier, it’s my favourite of them all.

I started with the navy fabric with white polka dots. There was only a narrow strip of this left, so I knew I had to somehow lengthen it.




I have a couple of metres of this white with blue polka dots in my stash, so I chopped off a couple of inches to combine with the original. I spent a while deciding where to put in the panel. Hem? Under the waistband? Sandwiched somewhere in the middle?

As you can see I went for the third option. The other 2 felt like they were just tag-ons, whereas this looked like a proper design feature. Which of course it was.




Once again, this is just a bunch of rectangles sewn together and pleated. I sewed the strips of different polka fabrics together first, then pleated the whole thing into a thin waistband. The waistband is a strip of navy gabardine so that I didn’t lose any more of the length. Finally I added a metal zip as a fastening.



I wore this for a walk and then afternoon tea. All great things!



Fair warning – I’m working on another polka dot dress at the moment. 🙂

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