Dreaming of…jumping on a long gone bandwagon

And by that – I mean that I’ve finally had a go at the walkaway dress.


After watching episode 3 of the Great British Sewing Bee, I dived straight in to my pattern box and fished out this pattern, which had been languishing there since it was all the craze on the blogosphere!



I pretty much just cut out the dress without really thinking it through. Unsurprisingly, I hit all the fitting issues that I found out about AFTER making the dress.


I think I’ve managed to salvage the dress by adding random panels here,


a few stitches there,


and some shoulder raising everywhere.


I’m not sure that I’ll wear this very often. I love the fabric – a very soft, drapey paisley.


But I think I might have another go at this pattern with a sturdier fabric one day. Of course, I found this post on fitting the dress, just after I completed the hem.



Any other tips for making it work?

24 thoughts on “Dreaming of…jumping on a long gone bandwagon

  1. Literally just posted on my own blog about my version of this dress. I’m glad someone else has shortened it, it felt massively too long for me. That fabric is beautiful and the style really suits you. having seen some very unflattering photos of people wearing this dress, yours is definitely one of the best. I had many issues with fit myself and fixed in a similar way. I’m now more convinced that if I shorten mine I’ll wear it in the summer. Fab post. xx

    • Ah thanks for your comment. I’m actually planning to make it again in the summer, but with some sturdier fabric as this one just drapes out of shape all the time. I think it could be such a great dress, but there are definitely some fitting issues! xx

  2. I adore the fabric you used! I’ve had this pattern in my stash for ages, but haven’t yet tackled it myself. I love how yours turned out, and I hope you do end up making it again because the style is fantastic on you!

  3. I’ve seen this dress before but yours is the one I consider the most flattering. It dosent go to all bodytypes but I think this is not the issue for you. Despite all the trouble you had fitting it you ended up with a gorgeous dress, well done.

  4. I have this pattern- I think the dress is VERY pretty on you- and the fabric is gorgeous with that trim. I will take note of fitting issues before trying it myself!

  5. I’ve thought about buying this pattern ever since I saw it on the GBSB, maybe I should give it a go. Thanks for sharing.

  6. I’m so glad I found your blog. I’ve looked at this pattern before but dismissed it because I didn’t know how cute it would look in real life. I’m definitely getting the pattern now, and I love your fabric choice.

  7. I made this dress once, in a plain green. Nowhere near as well as you have though, and that’s a nice fabric!

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