Dreaming of…times gone by

Picture this…the year is 2013 and I am about to post my first dress on this blog. I stand in front of a red brick wall and……


….this happens. Obviously I hadn’t really thought about how to smile sweetly for the camera!

Anyway, as it goes, 2 years later and I’m back with a different brick wall, a better smile (I hope), and some form of the original dress.

As I mentioned in my last post, I’ve been remaking some of my earliest dresses so that they fit and are more wearable now.

This was originally a reversible dress, but I only wore it once because it was too hot! To make this more wearable I trimmed the two dresses apart around the armholes and necklines. I’ll show you the tie dye one soon, but, all ready to go straight away, is this soft, metallic, blue version.

I left the lattice collar on this one. I think the colours look nicely contrasted. The dress needed taking in a couple of inches and as I’d already taken out the zip, I just took it in at the centre back. I also hemmed it an inch shorter, and finished the insides with bias binding around the raw edges.






The fabric is quite a loose weave, so my hand stitching showed up quite a lot by the top of the zip, but I don’t think I’ll ever mind that.


I added the glittery button at the top as a prettier alternative to a hook and eye!


19 thoughts on “Dreaming of…times gone by

  1. Love the button and that dress fits you like a glove, beautiful! There’s such a since of accomplishment about going back and reworking a prior project and ending up with something you love!

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  3. absolutely gorgeous! Love the colour & cut of this dress! The cute button in the back in such a good idea – I have to many single buttons I never use, I might need to add button fastenings to some of my dresses! x

  4. The necktrim is beautiful and really helps “make” the dress. It’s ambitious of you to alter your old pieces, as you said above, the new and shiny is always more alluring.

  5. It’s always a fun thing to pull out old classics and give them a face lift. Now if only I would stick to that more often…

    Either way the dress looks fabulous- I can definitely see the change in the arm scythe and it’s definitely for the better- I’m sure it rubbed weird around the arm pits- but now it’s flirty with a little bit more of a cut out.

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