A cold and frosty morning…

…is the perfect setting for blog photos. And I had been waiting for just such conditions for months, when finally, January 16th 2016, Cardiff, UK, the weather decided to play ball. After what feels like a year of mild, damp and dingy weather, we woke up on Saturday to glorious sunshine and a thick frost that sparkled in the light.

I’ve been waiting for AGES to show you Martin’s coat, but it’s just been too warm for him to wear it and too dreary to even contemplate taking photos.

The wait is finally over though and I have photos of the finished item.



It’s another Vogue V8940.

This time most things went more smoothly, but if I was ever to make it again (which I will NOT be doing), I’d use a much lighter interfacing, or even (god forbid) none at all. It seemed to make all the turning corners and collars really tricky and I’m sure it has led to the front panel being bumpy because it’s fairly stiff. Any ideas on this?


I used a fun, tartan for the pockets and the lining.


I’m actually really pleased with the fit of the back and the length of the sleeves and hem. In fact, looking at these photos, I’m pretty darn proud of the whole thing.


We even tested it out on an icy children’s obstacle course …

…I’m pleased to say it stood up to the test well.

Next up – wedding dresses. I think I might throw in a few quick ‘instant gratification’ projects before. Do you think that’s allowed??

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