Branching out…

…from canvas paintings to paper paintings.

A couple of weekends ago I picked up 2 big photo frames for 50p (!!!) at a carboot sale. Who can turn down a bargain like that? So obviously they had to be filled.

At first I was thrown by the fact that it wasn’t a canvas (my go to medium at the moment), but then I found some lovely, large cartridge paper in Paperchase (and lost a few hours of my life rapturously stroking all the notebooks and stationery). I ordered some inks on ebay, but when they arrived I realised they were marbling rather than drawing inks.

The basic tools

The basic tools

I painted the backing card to match our bedroom colours

I painted the backing card to match our bedroom colours

I tried dripping the ink straight onto the paper, but it was too oily and they all just looked black, so I adapted my method (sorry – I’ve been assessing science and the lingo is on the brain) and decided to use the inks as they were intended. i.e. I mixed them into water and then pretty much just threw the inks at the paper.


I stopped at the point where it felt like the paper was fully saturated and about to disintegrate. And then I let it dry.


And that was it really. Some of the ink is still wet, but once it was tucked behind the glass, my walls and fingers were safe from further marking.


This was such a fun and simple (albeit very messy) project and it looks lovely filling up the wall in our bathroom. You’ve just gotta love paintings that fill the wall.


P.S. it’s really hard to take photos of glass without any reflections!!