Dreaming of…seeing double OR septuple

Well there we go, ‘septuple’, that’s my new word for the day. One of my best friends just got married last weekend. I had the honour to be one of her bridesmaids, which was great fun, and she also asked … Continue reading

I hope this dress is … sew Dolly Clackett

Drumroll please……..

I am about to reveal the most Dolly Clackett like dress that I could come up with.

I hope.


When I saw this challenge being hosted by Rhinestones and Telephones I knew exactly which fabric I wanted to use.


I’ve mentioned before that Roisin herself came to Cardiff last year and I bravely offered my services to show her around the fabric shops (yes, I said bravely, because everything I teach my pupils warns against meeting people you’ve only met on the internet, no matter how nice they seem). Fortunately she was not the scary murderer she could have been and instead we spent a lovely few hours wandering the streets and perusing fabric shops. And it was in one of these aforementioned shops that Roisin convinced me to buy the fabric which would eventually become this dress. I don’t usually go for bright and bold, but I’m so glad I did as it is perfect for this dress and I absolutely LOVE it!


The only problem with the fabric was that it was quite see through. So I fully lined it.


By this stage I had decided to use Simplicity K2588, which was on my pattern list for this year. I used the lining as a muslin again and altered the pattern to draw the seam lines closer to the bust apex and make the bodice shorter. I knew I wanted a full skirt a la Roisin herself, but I didn’t want too much fabric at the waist. So I made a half circle skirt for the lining and a gathered skirt for the outer dress.

pattern alterationspattern list

The lining fabric is a rather ungiving (not as in mean, but as in it doesn’t stretch) old blue sheet. Rather oddly and just a random fact, the fabric changes colour under heat and then goes back to blue. I guess it must have something to do with the dye, but odd nonetheless. The lack of stretch in the lining combined with the more ‘drape-iness’ of the outer fabric meant that the outer dress was a bit looser than the lining, but a quick wash and the outer layer shrank down nicely.


Apart from that, the dress was very easy to put together. In order to attach the two layers, I sewed them each as separate dresses and then sewed them right sides together at the neckline. This meant that I could turn it the right way around and that just left the armholes exposed.

DSC05391close ups

Fortunately I had made some bias binding for the piping around the neckline, so I used this to catch and sew together the layers of the sleeves too.

lapped zip

I also did my first ever lapped zip on a dress and I’m very pleased with it. In fact, I can’t even see it in the photo on the right- wahoo!

And that’s pretty much it construction wise. It was quite sunny here today so we went to Tredegar House for a little walk (and some tea and cake!). It was the perfect (if slightly bright) place for photos and I only nearly fell in the lake once when a duck made me jump.

I’m going to head right on over to the Flickr group now (although I have no idea how to use it!) and upload a condensed version of these photos. Yes, that is my acknowledgement that there are probably 15,000 too many photos in this post, but it was just so lovely to see the sun! Can’t wait to see all the other inspirational dresses.