This is me!

Hi, I’m Lara. I’m a primary school teacher by day, but my passion is for sewing and fashion. I’m a completely self taught dress maker – and I say dress maker rather than seamstress as I do tend to stick to what I know and what I think suits me – mainly dresses. My mum is a textile artist so I guess sewing is in my blood, but I never really got in to it until a few years ago when I realised I could make things to wear! What started as a minor hobby, quickly became an obsession and I now spend all my spare time (awake and sleeping!) dreaming up dresses and fabrics!

I love looking through vintage patterns, fashion books, pattern and technique books and perusing the web for inspiration. Especially Burdastyle. There are so many talented seamstresses out there who never fail to inspire me and fill me with awe. I hope to one day learn the skills they use.

My friends are great, but like a well rounded group, we all have different interests and none of my them are particularly interested in dress making. Although I know they love fashion like lots of girls, and seem to appreciate hand-made dresses and bags for presents! But anyhoo – it’s nice to reach out to the world wide web to make connections with people who share the same passions.

Hope you enjoy reading and following my antics!

22 thoughts on “This is me!

  1. Hi! I just found your blog and started looking through it. I love the things you make!

    Can I ask about the dress you’re wearing in the banner at the top of the page; is it homemade as well?

  2. Just found your blog. I love all the photography of your projects such a great way to present them in an archive of snapshots. Ditto to the comment above I’m also a primary teacher and at the moment it is sewing that is starting to take over before that it was knitting and before that painting. Is it something about being a teacher?

    • Thanks- it’s often just so much easier than uploading hundreds of individual pics. Loads of my blogging / sewing friends are teachers- I think we must be creative by nature! I’ll have to check out your projects too. X

  3. I just found your blog through Sleek Silhouette, but OF COURSE I had to follow as soon as I read the name “Dreaming of Avonlea.” I think we must be soul sisters. 🙂

  4. Hi Lara, just found your blog. Really beautiful. You are so talented. Hope you don’t mind your old Aunty peeking in here every now and again……

  5. Lara, I LOVE your blog! It’s so interesting. Will be coming back to see what you’ve been up to again soon! You are on talented flowerpot. :o)


  6. I really like your blog Lara and am looking forward to future posts! (If it’s not already obvious by the millions of comments I’m leaving all over), ha I’m not a stalker I swear, I just am seriously impressed with you and your blog!

  7. It is like we have the same story!
    Teacher – tick
    sewing started as a little hobby and has taken over my life – tick
    completely self taught – tick
    don’t really know anyone else who likes sewing – tick

    This is spooky!

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