My ‘bridesmaid’ dress

In the process of making the 5 bridesmaid dresses for my wedding, I made myself a version to test out some of the processes and techniques.


I hadn’t really worked with lace before so I wanted to try out ways to sew it and to finish the edges.

In the end, I constructed the final dresses in a different way, but it was a good way to learn.  In this version I bound the neckline and armholes with bias binding, but felt this was a bit too bulky so changed my mind for the actual bridesmaid dresses.


I’ve worn the dress quite a few times since.

Once, as seen here, on honeymoon in Sorrento, but also with tights since the weather has turned cooler.


The darnedest problem with the lace is that it catches on EVERYTHING and when it’s washed it does seem to fray a bit, but it was such an easy dress to make and it was just a muslin really so I’m happy to get any wear out of it.

Elastic waists are definitely such a good shout and I’ve come to realise that the trick for making them work for my body is to make the bodice fairly fitted so that there isn’t too much blousing.


This burdastyle double layer dress is my go to dress pattern at the moment. It works so well in all the types of fabric!



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