Denim flared godet skirt

Don’t you just love it when you find a long forgotten pattern in your stash and it’s already taped together. Ah, such convenience.

Almost as convenient as a printed pattern.

Anyway, that’s exactly what happened when I was looking through my pattern stash this summer and stumbled across this skirt pattern. I fancied making something a bit different from my usual fit and flare dress and this seemed to fit the bill.


I’d also been eyeing up denim skirts and thought the structure of denim would work fairly well with this pattern.

I was partly right. I love the back and side view and the clean lines around the waist and hips, but I think it’s a bit too heavy to sit flat on the front.


I understood about 80% of the instructions, so I just made up the rest in what seemed to be a fairly logical way.

I’m not sure it’s the most flattering outfit, but it does feel nice and casual, which is quite a change. I really like the pockets and I think it will look nice with bright tops in the summer.


Next, I’ll have to try it with thick tights and a jumper in the winter. Oo so snuggly!


Has anyone else made this pattern? Any tips on following the instructions? I think next time I’d make it with a cotton so that the button placket sits flatter.


18 thoughts on “Denim flared godet skirt

  1. This is a gorgeous skirt and you look amazing in it. I think it works in the denim and your version puts the version on burdastyle completely to shame. I want the pattern now too!

  2. That’s very flattering on you! I love the sort of 70’s vibe it has πŸ™‚ Stupid question, but does the pattern actually have godets in it? From the line drawing, it doesn’t look like it. Regardless, it certainly achieves the look!

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