Matilda dress

So, here’s the other Simplicity 2444 that I mentioned in my last post. This one is rather fun.


I made it for Roald Dahl’s centenary. We had a Roald Dahl dress up day at school and there were loads of fun activities going on in town. I found this fabric a few months ago and bought enough to make another version of Simplicity 2444.


It was so easy to cut both the dresses out at the same time and I loved wearing it.

I bought ankle socks and wore a red ribbon to look like Matilda for school, but I drew the line at wearing the whole thing to town so I just went with the dress.


I still had plenty of compliments on the dress itself. It was such a fab day. The sun was shining and all the Roald Dahl activities were really exciting and great fun.


Matilda is one of my favourite Roald Dahl books and I’m hoping I can occasionally wear this dress without feeling too much like I’m 5 years old!


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