Anything but a one man job cont…

…as I mentioned in my last post, there were just some things I couldn’t DIY myself, so I called on the talents of friends for these things.

Two of these beautiful makes fit very nicely together in our wedding Yurt.

after all this time

The wooden sign (with the perfect Harry Potter quote – obviously) was made by Queen Lizzy Prints, a friend who is all kinds of talented with printing and signs / writing based art.

The cake itself was made by a wonderful baker and an amazing friend/bridesmaid. Thanks Nicola 🙂 She actually constructed the tiers on the day while Martin and I were having our photos and I think everyone would agree, she did an amazing job.


Since the wedding so many people have commented on how amazing the cake was, which made us a bit sad  as we missed it on the day. Who knew weddings are so busy?! We were very pleased when we learnt that the second biggest tier was left for us the day after the wedding. Rest assured we ate it all before it went stale 🙂


It’s so lovely to have such talented friends who are so willing to do things to help out 🙂


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