Anything but a one man job

As much as I did try to do a lot of the wedding crafts and decoration myself, there were some things that there was just no way I had the talent for.

The main one of these was the flowers we used for the bouquets.

I didn’t want real flowers as I wanted something I could keep. My mum very generously offered to make the bouquets and buttonholes and it was one of my favourite decisions we made.

In total she made my bridal bouquet, 5 bridesmaid bouquets, a flower girl bouquet and 9 buttonholes. I think it was approximately 42 billion hours of work and every single second was GREATLY appreciated as they are the most beautiful and special flowers I’ve ever seen.


The buttonholes looked great, but were apparently very tricky to attach as they were made of wire.

Mum also made a spare flower to go in her hair…


…and as a crowning glory, she made me the most beautiful beaded hair comb to sit in my hair. As I wasn’t wearing a veil, this was the perfect accessory.


I know I’ve shown you her very talented work before, but her usual stuff is very different from all the beadwork and fabric manipulation in these flowers. I’m sure you’ll agree that it’s a field she should definitely branch in to and that the 100s / 1000s / 100000s of hours work was completely worth it!

3 thoughts on “Anything but a one man job

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  2. They are amazing, I love the colours and the flowers are all stunning, she is a very talented mum, it must run in the family!

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