DIY bunting

So far, the other wedding projects I’ve shown you have been very simple and quick.

This one may have been simple, but it was definitely NOT quick!

In fact, I started the bunting about a year ago and I’m so pleased I got it out of the way early as I think I would have run out of time otherwise. I used a pinking blade on my rotary cutter, which sped up the cutting a little bit, but I ended with a blister on my finger from the pressure of so much cutting.

It was a great way to use up scraps of pretty fabric I had and good fun to look around on the wedding day and see bunting made from the same fabrics as most of my wardrobe.

I double layered some of the triangles and enclosed them all in bias binding. Look how pretty it was when it was all pushed through my sewing machine 🙂

In total I made about 218ft, some of which is now for sale on eBay as I obviously don’t have space to hang it in my house! I actually even made too much for the venue, but I’d rather that than not have enough. It took SO long to fold it up neatly, but I think it made it easier for the boys to hang it out on the morning of the wedding.



On a similar vein, so it may as well go in this post too, we (the kids in my class mostly – thanks!!) also made strings of paper fan flowers for the photo booth area. I bought some pretty paper in Hobbycraft and we followed plenty of online tutorials during lunch times at school.

IMG_8178IMG_8180photo booth popper

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