Polka polka!

Does anybody remember way back when (in 2013!!), when I made this dress and this top from Pauline Alice’s Cami pattern?

Well, I recently got back a load of clothes which I hadn’t seen in a while and tried them all on to welcome them home. It turned out that the dress, which used to fit perfectly was now huge and the top, which was far too small, now fit perfectly.

Initially I was planning to cut the top off the dress and reattach the skirt to the blouse. However, halfway through I realised that by just cutting the top off, I could make a skirt from the dress and have far more options with separates.

I tried out a few ways of wearing it to show you what I mean.

Option 1: Tucked in with belt to look like dress



Option 2: Untucked to look like a peplum dress – I’m not sure whether I love or hate this look?


Option 3: Simple and casual skirt with t-shirt


The skirt is very easy to wear on its own, although the lightness of the cotton and the circle-ness of the skirt makes it harder to wear in even the slightest breeze. It actually works best with a slip underneath as it is slightly sheer and that provides some added modesty šŸ™‚ I couldn’t get a decent photo on this day, but I did wear the skirt to my hen do last weekend so I can show you some photos in action…

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