Adelaide in vintage fabric

This week I will mostly be picking up my wedding dress. So I can’t really focus on any other items of clothing at the moment as I’m just so excited!! Luckily, I made a quick and easy dress a few weeks ago. So I can show you that while I’m gushing over my amazing gown!

Remember when I got given a bunch of handmade skirts, all made from lovely vintage fabric?

Well, I’ve been gradually using them up on various projects. Due to the fact that most of the pieces are skirts, I’m having to use them for garments that don’t need too much fabric.

Seamwork Adelaide, was perfect for a pleated skirt in the collection. I cut a size 6 for the bodice and graded out to a 10 at the hips. I think I’d go a size smaller on the top next time though.


I don’t mind it being lose around the hips, but it also feels a bit loose around the shoulders and upper bust and I think fit around that area is really important.

I ran out of fabric for the belt, but had this green lining left over from the bridesmaid dresses I made so I just went with that. It works well with the fabric and I could always switch it over for a standard belt.


Seeing as this was a quick project and I didn’t have any snaps in my stash, I just added buttons instead. I actually sewed the button placket closed around the lower part of the skirt so that it doesn’t flap open.


The back of this dress feels like it fits really well and I love the length of the skirt.


Anyway, I’m off now to dream about the other dress in my life right now 🙂


6 thoughts on “Adelaide in vintage fabric

  1. I love your dress, the colours are lovely and looks great for the summer, think I might try the sewing of the bottom placket too, especially when I don’t have enough buttons!

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