The Little White Dress

Or ‘What I did with my intended wedding dress fabric’.

Well, I made 2 summer dresses of course. And here’s one of them.


It seemed such a shame to waste such beautiful fabric and making these dresses also felt like a really positive thing to do.

The dresses are definitely designed for hot sunny weather. I’m planning to wear them on honeymoon (which also seems fitting when you consider the original plan for the fabric), but luckily we’ve been having some lovely sunny weather here too. So I took the opportunity to snap some photos. I actually got a bit carried away with the pretty location, so there are quite a few photos!


For this first white dress, I used a pattern I’ve made before a couple of years ago. It’s a Butterick Fast and Easy Pattern, and true to it’s word, it was fast and easy to make.


As you can see, the lace itself is sheer and I did toy with the idea of lining the whole thing, but I felt that it would be too heavy. So I just wear it with a slip instead. It didn’t need hemming and the sleeves and armholes are just finished with bias binding (self made), so nothing too complex at all.



I added waist ties, but I’m not sure that they really work. I think that the fabric is a bit too stiff, so the ties make it gather a bit too bulkily.


It’s actually quite a versatile dress.

It can be worn with the v at the front.



The v at the back.


With a belt.


Or without a belt.


Endless (or 4) options you see.

The reason I fell in love with this lace originally was because of the detailed border around the hem. I made the skirt a very slight trapezium shape so I could simply gather it and make the most of the edges.


And there you have the first of my ‘Could have been my wedding dress’ series. Watch this space for more!

18 thoughts on “The Little White Dress

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  2. Think this will be perfect for your honeymoon! Love the lace and it does seem like a very versatile piece 🙂 Might have to check this pattern out myself!

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