A multi purpose Savannah

Next up in my series of simple makes is a Seamwork Savannah top.


I signed up to Seamwork recently as they have some lovely basic patterns, which I’m hoping will be quick and easy makes in between wedding sewing. I’ve downloaded and taped together a few of the patterns, but the first one I decided to sew up was the Savannah top.


I managed to use up the last bit of satin left over from the bridesmaid dresses I made. I love the satisfaction of using up small pieces.

I used bias binding to finish the neckline and just attached the straps to there.


In future I think I’ll wear it with a strapless bra as the straps on the top are quite narrowly set at the front.


I think this ended up looking a bit like a PJ top, especially when untucked, but I happily wore it to the hairdressers last weekend and she complimented me on my outfit so it can’t be that bad.


Who knows, now I can alternate it as both.

Anywho – I must start work on my wedding dress some day soon, so it may be a bit quiet around here for a while. Wish me luck!


8 thoughts on “A multi purpose Savannah

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  2. Looooove this top on you. I made a couple of Savannah camisoles a few months ago and they really become go-to layering pieces and casual loungewear. If I wear them out, I tuck them in, too 👍🏽

    The color looks lovely on you!

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