Wren the cat’s away…

the mice will sew.

Last week was a half term filled with very little in the way of actual plans and plenty in the way of alone time – which meant lots of time for sewing 🙂 Bliss!

Over christmas I bought this knit fabric in the John Lewis sale. This meant I needed some knit patterns.

I don’t wear very many jersey dresses, but Wren by Colette is such a beautiful shape and fits nicely in my wardrobe so I went ahead and purchased it straight away.

This dress took a maximum of 3 hours to make – cutting out included. I should definitely make more jersey makes!!


I used the reverse of the fabric for the v-neck panels.


The fabric is actually rather sheer, so I wore it with a black slip. This worked well anyway as I don’t like anything too low.


I really like the shape of the back on this dress.


But I wasn’t so convinced about the gathering in the front of the dress. I think the bodice is too short and the fabric gathered unevenly so it sticks out a bit.


However, this is not a case of me complaining about a mistake – it’s an example of how it can be made better 🙂 So I chopped the bodice away from the skirt and attached a piece of black elastic like a waistband. I then pleated the skirt to the elastic. I didn’t really stretch any of these things out as they go over my head easily. I’m not sure if that was there right thing to do, but it worked, so I’m happy.


I managed to squeeze a Deer and Doe Ondee out of this same fabric. Pretty impressive for only 2m. Watch this space for blog photos of that.


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