It’s like Christmas all over again!

Look what I got given by a friend at school the other day.

The holy grail of sewing related gifts. A bag of vintage Laura Ashley fabric.

These pieces were actually made up into some very awesome 80s dresses, skirts and tops. All of which were constructed from big rectangles though, so were very easy to treat as yardage.

Almost immediately after getting home with this bag of goodies, I set to work on a 20 minute make. After a few intense projects recently (coat, wedding dress, work on my wedding dresses), I’ve been craving some REALLY quick projects to get my sew-jo back.

This one worked a charm.


Because the fabric was already made into a skirt, (next time I’ll remember to take a before photo) I literally chopped the waistband off and then refolded the top to make a channel for elastic. In total it literally was a 20 minute make. Perfection/

I’ve already sketched up a few more dresses I want to make and I think I’m finally going to have a go at Tilly’s Margot PJs. My fingers are just itching to get back to the machine. Shame about the day job eh?!


7 thoughts on “It’s like Christmas all over again!

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