Do you want to build a snowman?

Well tough luck if you do, because the weather fairies have decided that they would rather the whole year stays at a boring 14 degrees and is therefore far too warm to snow and therefore you can’t build a snowman.

So what are you to do if the answer was ‘yes’ to the aforementioned question?

You make a snowman dress instead!


I wore this dress to school on Friday for Christmas jumper day and felt very good about wearing something handmade and raising money at the same time.



I also wore it yesterday for our ‘friendsmas’ dinner and it stood up extremely well to the test of a gargantuan meal! I plan on wearing it again on real Christmas day, which will make it one of my most worn items of clothing this year!!


The fabric came from Minerva crafts and is a really easy to work with, stable cotton. This dress was so easy to sew up! I only lined the bodice (Simplicity 2444), which is a TNT pattern and therefore super quick. I didn’t bother with any pattern matching or placement. Partly because it’s a bit of a novelty dress, but mostly because I generally don’t care about that unless it’s a geometric print. Plus, there was no way to avoid ‘snowman boob’, so I decided to embrace it instead!


The skirt is a gathered circle skirt, with pockets and there is just a simple centred zip on the back. So nothing fancy, but I LOVE it.


How long do you think I can keep wearing it for before it becomes seasonally inappropriate? Have you all been making festive awesomeness too? Next up, will hopefully be a finished coat, so watch this space for that!




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