Dreaming of…warm November times

In more ways than one.

Number one – because we went to the beach last Friday and it was positively sunny!

And Number two – because I just made a warm ‘coat’.

I say ‘coat’ rather than coat, as I think coat (without the quotation marks) implies that a lot of work has gone into something. This on the other hand, was a super speedy make.





I’ve been fancying a shorter, more light weight coat over the last year or so. It seemed like fate when a friend handed me a bundle of Prima patterns her mum had at home. One of those patterns was this simple, unlined, wrap coat.

I actually shortened the coat by about 7 inches so that it hits at about hip level.





You may have noticed the, not so subtle, contrast collar and belt ends. I’d love to say that this was intentional. However, I’m sure you can guess where this is going…it was not.

It was actually down to a lack of fabric.

I think this was a lucky problem though as I rather like the finished effect. To tie (no pun intended) it all in, I thought I’d also add a bit of a contrast to the belt ends.


Being unlined, this coat was very quick and easy to make. It doesn’t leave the neatest insides though, so I think I would bind the seams if I were to make this again.

On the plus side, it does have pockets 🙂


I’d also make it a size or 2 smaller. I went by my body measurements, which meant I cut out a size 14. However the coat is very loose now, and I had to put shoulder pads in to give the sleeve heads a bit of shape as they were just hanging off my shoulders. I think the finished result is a bit 1980s, but I don’t think that’s necessarily a bad thing.






All in all, for such a simple make, I think this will get a lot of wear on fairly mild days throughout the year. A light weight jacket. Exactly what I wanted. Plus I managed to stash bust some more fabric. Win win!


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