Dreaming of…slowing down and catching up.

I seem to be slipping behind with blogging lately. It’s partly because I’m busy with wedding plans, so I’m  actually making less for myself. I think I’m also getting on board with the idea of making my home sewing less of a consumerist thing. I love the idea of slow fashion October (which is just as well as I’ve only sewn one thing) and I’m so impressed with Sonja’s new venture into sustainable fabrics.

The lack of blogging is also partly down to the fact that I just haven’t been feeling like sitting down to write a long blog post about yet another dress, which says pretty much the same thing as my millions (exaggeration) of other blog posts.

Regardless of all of the above; I have just taken photos of a dress which I made a few months ago and which definitely deserves it’s 15 minutes of fame!




This is the Dalloway dress by Jennifer Lauren vintage, made in an organic cotton fabric, which I dyed (making it much less organic) and then made up into this creation.



On the whole the bodice construction was fairly straightforward and simple. I cut out based on my measurements and just hoped that it would fit without a muslin. The only change I made up the pattern was to lower the neckline slightly. The fit is pretty good, although the bust darts point a bit high. This is something I notice quite often, so I think I’ll start lowering them as a standard adjustment before cutting out.




The skirt on the other hand, was not quite so straight forward. It’s constructed in a really clever way so that the pleating is sewn to the lining and no stitches are visible on the outside of the skirt. Foolishly, I chose a really slippery lining fabric, which just wouldn’t play ball when I was trying to line everything up. As a result the pleats are a bit wavy in places where they shouldn’t be and I had to re-iron the pleats flat around some interesting stitching lines.




I also had to unpick one of the pleats and resew it at a completely different height so that the centre back would line up.




After all that fuss, I was finally ready to sew the zip and hem and add the finishing touches. And then I did this…


I’m so bad at ironing! You’d be surprised at how often I do this and yet I still insist on turning the iron to full and not using a pressing cloth.

There was no way I was remaking this skirt though, so I’ve just left it in.

Hopefully, you’ll agree that the finished piece was worth the hassle. I love the shape of the dress and the colour of the fabric. It’s so comfy and soft to wear (although it does crease like hell!)


I wore it when we went to see our wedding venue last weekend.

NB. This is not our wedding venue. That’s a secret. So this is Chepstow castle. Not a bad spot for a bit of posing!

How do you feel about sewing a bit more thoughtfully and slowly now?


9 thoughts on “Dreaming of…slowing down and catching up.

  1. What a fun and pretty dress! And I sure hear you about sewing more slowly and thoughtfully. It’s very easy for me to get sidetracked and buy fabric I don’t need or sew something I won’t wear, but that’s just silly and irresponsible. I’m really inspired by all the great Slow Fashion October posts…. it’s really cool to see people embracing this idea! I’m excited to hear your thought on sewing more slowly when you’ve been doing it for a while!

  2. Love the dress and the color of the fabric.

    If anyone reading this great post needs some really FAB FABRIC to go with that great dress pattern, just type in your URL box: http://www.Spoonflower.com/profiles/aer_raa … and you will see my one of a kind textile designs.

    They are bold and bright, and wonderful designs for the holidays. So, if you want your great sewing talent to really stand out, try one of my FAB FABRICS, today.!!

    Thanks again for that great pattern. aer raa

  3. I am attempting from now on to make each sewn item as well made as possible, which will slow me down.
    This looks great on you. I’d always loved this pattern, but yours is the first I have een made up

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