Dreaming of…seeing double OR septuple

Well there we go, ‘septuple’, that’s my new word for the day.

One of my best friends just got married last weekend. I had the honour to be one of her bridesmaids, which was great fun, and she also asked me to make the dresses.




There were 7 of us in total (hence the septuple) so we decided to go for a fairly simple shape. Vogue V1102 fit the bill perfectly and after a couple of fitting sessions with each bridesmaid, we all ended up with some variation of the original pattern.



Sarah (the bride) and I decided to go for a v-neck back rather than the deep scoop and bow. We thought it was more flattering on everyone and easier to wear a cardigan over in the evening.




The dresses are just lined on the bodice, which meant them even more simple to make.


The skirts are lovely full circle skirts – they were amazing for twirling on the dance floor.


The teal colour of the fabric really popped in the sunlight and meant that we stood out as bridesmaids. I actually found it a bit surreal to glance around and see so many people wearing dresses I’d made. Lots of people commented on how nice they looked and I have to say that I think I agree. I was pretty pleased with the fit of them all and they were nice and striking when we were all together.




And that’s the end of our wedding season. Now I MIGHT have some time to sew some more casual things for myself. OR I might make Martin another coat. I’m not sure which way to go yet?

19 thoughts on “Dreaming of…seeing double OR septuple

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  3. Wow ! You are an amazing friend to do that for her. Seven dresses for different people!! Amazing. Plus the fit on all of the ladies is incredible. Seeing as you did such a huge selfless sewing project I vote you make something for yourself.

  4. Great job on the dresses! I would be frightened to comply with a request like that, but you pulled it off perfectly. I’m sure by the seventh dress, you could make it with your eyes closed, haha!

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