Dreaming of…the OTHER white dress

Have you seen The Refashioners amazing creations going around at the moment? I’m sure you have and that you’ve been super inspired by all the amazing creativity. I particularly love Dixie’s refashioned shorts. Just so clever!

Even before I saw this latest series, I was planning to remake one of Martin’s old tux shirts into a dress, and when I saw that there was going to be a community refashioning too, it seemed the perfect time.


I don’t really wear or make white. I’m just too likely to spill food. Originally I was planning to dye this navy, but after looking at my wardrobe, Martin pointed out that I have an abundance of blue and wanted me to keep it white as a change. So I was going to call this post ‘The White Dress’, but I thought that might make people think I was super organised and already starting my wedding dress. So I altered the original title slightly.


This is most definitely NOT a wedding dress. In fact, it’s a very simple, cotton summer dress, which I made from Martin’s tux shirt, more scraps of lace and a white duvet cover that got shrunk in the wash. If that’s not an eco dress, I don’t know what is.




I knew I wanted to make use of the button placket and pleated shirt front, but I thought they’d look better at the back.


This left the front really plain and boring. So I dug out another strip of lace from my White Tree Fabrics samples, trimmed it to fit between the darts and topstitched it in place. I repeated this on the skirt CF, making sure that it lined up with the bodice and using the scalloped edge as the hem.


The benefit of using the old duvet cover, was that I could use the button bit as the hem. I like the weirdness of having non functional buttonholes around my knees ๐Ÿ™‚


I used my bodice block to add some shape to the bodice, but unfortunately, I didn’t think through the fact that I’ve lost a bit of weight since I made it, so the darts are quite off. Obviously I didn’t make a muslin (I really should learn to do that!), so I had to do a bit of tweaking once it was made. It doesn’t look too bad now, but it’s definitely not the best fitting thing I’ve made.


The button placket meant that I didn’t have to add any fastenings on the bodice, but I needed to extend this down onto the skirt. The original shirt placket covers up the buttons, and using plain white buttons on the skirt looked a bit dull.

I decided to use navy buttons instead, but thought it looked better just as a ‘design feature’ (I hate that phrase – it sounds so pretentious) with 3 at the top of the skirt. After that, I just sewed the rest of the skirt closed.




This does crinkle rather badly, but I think that’s to be expected from a cotton dress. Really looking forward to seeing lots more refashions emerging. Off to look at the Pinterest board now!


12 thoughts on “Dreaming of…the OTHER white dress

  1. Love this, especially the tucks at the back. I have a refashioned shirt project almost finished myself. I totally get you about spilling food; already had to wipe pancake mix off my skirt this morning

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