Dreaming of … wardrobe basics

Just like I mentioned in my last post, I’ve recently been using up some of the smaller bits of fabric in my stash.

One such piece was a strip of thick, navy gabardine, which transformed nicely into a pleated skirt.




To make this skirt, I literally pleated a big rectangle onto a smaller rectangle for the waistband. I don’t have much more to say about his, but I do know that this will go with pretty much everything see in my wardrobe. I’m quite proud that I managed to keep this simple rather than adding funky trims or crazy decorations.




Although, my favourite bit is the fun waistband lining.


How do you make your wardrobe staples more exciting to sew and wear? Do you prefer making these types of items or more fancy dresses and party clothes?


13 thoughts on “Dreaming of … wardrobe basics

  1. This skirt is gorgeous! I used to hate sewing basics, because they can be so boring, but now that’s the main thing I make. I wear them constantly (unlike most of the more complicated pretty dresses) and they’re a great stash buster! Go basics! 😀

  2. Great skirt, it’s a lot of fun making things you can wear a lot. I’m planning on making some more basics these coming months. I’m planning on making them more exciting by making sure I sew and finish them well.

  3. This is a really pretty skirt, and very functional too! I have too many patterned skirts & no tops to co-ordinate with them so I think I could do with a few plain skirts really 🙂 I love the inner waistband on yours!

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