Dreaming of…polka, polka everywhere and not a drop to spare

So, you’ve seen version 1 of Simplicty 2444, worn in Salzburg. Version 2 takes us to Vienna, where I’d like to say it was warmer, but the sun is deceptive and the wind, biting!


This second one is made using some Cath Kidston fabric I’ve had for ages. I can’t find this fabric on the site anymore, but I’m sure you can get some on auction sites, or there are plenty of other choices around. It’s actually more of a bright coral, not quite the fluorescent orange you see here, but it’s a hard colour to capture accurately.


This fabric is a particularly stiff cotton, which holds the skirt shape beautifully and gives the dress a nice structure rather than just being a floaty summer dress. Although, it does puff out sometimes and needs a bit of manhandling to squash back into place. I’m sure it will be controlled by a few washes!





I did a little bit more fitting on this version. Just like version 1, I took out some of the gaping in the front neckline, but I also did the same on the back. I’m soooo pleased with the fit now!



I had to redraw the neckline slightly. When I first tried the bodice on, it was a bit high, so I drew dots while I was wearing it and then folded right down the centre front and used my french curve to get a nice line. Cutting on the fold meant that it’s perfectly symmetrical, and marking while I was wearing it, means it hits exactly where I wanted it to.



As I said, it was very chilly when I wore this in Vienna, so I accessorised with super thick tights and lots of layers. Even so, you may notice that I get blue-er and more goose-pimpled as the photos progress.

Eventually we found a sunny greenhouse, which offered some much needed warmth, but tricky lighting. So, apologies for the crazy colouring in some of these pics!



Just like in Salzburg, I was very quick to put my layers back on afterwards.




The skirt length on this is actually a bit longer than I usually wear, but I think that works quite well with the high neck and simple silhouette. I also added pockets. I’m not usually fussed about pockets in a skirt – I never have anything to put in them, but I had the perfect sized scraps to cut them out from!


I used a vintage zip in the centre back, but it wasn’t quite long enough. I wasn’t going to go out and buy a new one. This one matched too perfectly, so I pretended that I was always planning for a keyhole opening at the back, and went with that. I love the black and white button at the top. I’ve got quite a few of these that I’ve been saving for ‘something special’, but I realised that I was never using them that way, so I’ve decide to start putting my favourite pieces to use asap!



I didn’t want to line such a thick fabric, so I finished the edges with bias binding and overlocked the inside seams. I think it actually looks super neat.


One more holiday post to go – and I warn you, it’s a good one!

22 thoughts on “Dreaming of…polka, polka everywhere and not a drop to spare

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  3. What a fun and lovely dress!

    The changes you made look great on that design- and the addition of pockets is always a plus, for me anyway (I need pockets to fit my phone…!)

    Also, I always encourage using precious special buttons whenever possible. They sit put away, not being enjoyed, than when they get to see the light it’s always a lovely detail.

    Your vacation looked fantastic!

  4. I love this dress, Lara! Possibly my favourite of yours yet. The fit is perfect, the print is just lovely, and that button on the back is so wonderful. I’m with Caitlin, your versions are so inspiring!

  5. I love this dress! It looks great on you. The fabric…I just can’t stop looking at it! 🙂 And I love your Dreaming of Avonlea tag on the inside. It’s so cute!

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