Dreaming of … me time

I’m having a bit of down time in school at the moment, which is lovely. We’re doing lots of activities that don’t produce marking, which means I have evenings to do what I want with.



I have got a few bridesmaid dresses that I’m working on, but the other night, I just fancied some ‘all about me’ time.

So I printed the plantain pattern from Deer and Doe. 2 hours later, I was COMPLETELY done. And it looks good, if I do say so myself! What amazing satisfaction.



This whole top was pretty much a way to test this fabric that I bought last year from a recycling scheme shop. They have loads of seconds fabric and this one in particular had a large ladder running through it. However, the fabric was in a loop, so I just cut along the ladder and treated it as a piece of flat fabric from there.

I want to make a wide stripe summer dress from this, but I’ve never worked with fabric like this before. Hence the plantain tester.






It’s like old school rugby tops – sturdy cotton jersey without much stretch.

And to illustrate the point, here are my rugby poses…



Ahem… so I think I’ll be able to treat the fabric like jersey when I make the dress, but I might add a side zip if I want the bodice to be really fitted without stretching it out. Has anyone else ever worked with fabric like this? I’m not sure whether I could put stay tape around the waist so it doesn’t stretch out at all, or elastic, just so it doesn’t sag?

I did put stay tape across the shoulders and used a twin needle on all of the hems, plus overlocking the insides. The only problem with this fabric is that it’s a bit fluffy when cut.



I enjoyed the ease of matching these big stripes.



But, hands down, my proudest part is the neck band. I’ve never done one of these before, and I think the fabric was fairly easy to work with, but I’m still very pleased with how flat it lies!



13 thoughts on “Dreaming of … me time

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  4. What a fun fabric!

    I would probably stay tape things left and right if I were to use that fabric– better to be safe than sorry and the little extra detail will also make it easier to store later (if you’re planning on hanging it up!)

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