Dreaming of … global recognition

Remember when I showed you the bridesmaid skirts I made?

Well, recently, lots of people have seen them in a magazine photo spread. Yes, that’s right, I am on my way to fame and fortune…

Except, maybe don’t get too excited, the article wasn’t about my skirts or me in any way. The article featured a double page spread from Owen Mathias Photography. So maybe my fame and fortune are a long way off, but it was still pretty cool seeing them in ‘Cardiff Life’ for all the world people in the Welsh capital to peruse.


Since then, I’ve also had some of the official photos from the happy couple (all official photos courtesy of Owen Mathias Photography), so I thought you’d appreciate a little update. Plus – if anyone is looking for a very creative photographer for any event, then I’ve hopefully just made that job a little easier too. You can find Owen at his website above, or at his Facebook page. Check out those amazing shoots!


I know the skirts were very simple, but it was so exciting seeing something I’d made being worn at such an important event.

Owen Mathias PhotographyOwen Mathias PhotographyOwen Mathias PhotographyOwen Mathias PhotographyOwen Mathias Photography

Has anyone else ever made wedding party clothes? Did you feel the pressure, or just the pride at the final result?

Owen Mathias PhotographyOwen Mathias Photography

19 thoughts on “Dreaming of … global recognition

  1. Oh how exciting! I remember when you posted about these originally and your concerns over the hemline- but looking at all the pictures, they look absolutely fantastic! And to be featured in a magazine? Even better! So happy and proud of you for such great work.

    And yey for wedding photos! It’s so lovely to see them and see all the happy faces. In the end the garment helped make the day even more blue- but in a happy way. Also, I’m sure the bridesmaids are pleased that they’ll have something in their wardrobe that can absolutely be used in other occasions, not dresses that they might never put on again!

  2. They look gorgeous! Love that colour scheme. Looks like a lot of fun to wear. The whole wedding party looks fabulous 🙂 I made my own dress and four bridesmaids, and there was pressure but it was worth it!

  3. The skirts are so lovely! I love the color! I sewed a wedding dress for someone a very long time ago, but reflecting on that experience there were several things I would change. I’d love to do it again with all the skill that I have now.

  4. Your skirts are lovely, and what a wonderful venue! I haven’t made clothes for weddings, but I have made quilt squares for a signature guestbook quilt. I definitely felt the pressure before, but not at the wedding. Everyone was just impressed that they were handmade!

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