Dreaming of…summer sun and seasonally appropriate outfits

Basically, this is a summer dress.


Now in my defence, it’s another remade item, so I haven’t actually gone out of my way to make a summer dress in the middle of winter.

That didn’t stop me feeling like a complete fool when posing in the park. When looking over the photos, I was intrigued to see that my skin was taking on the same shade of blue in the dress!





However, having already altered one part of this reversible dress, I couldn’t very well leave the other half floundering until it was seasonally appropriate. ‘Clothing cruelty’ one might say. So I went for the alterations anyway.

I knew that I wanted to completely change the bodice. It needed taking in a lot and I have been wanting to make Simplicity 2177 again as a more casual dress than before.

I kept the skirt mostly as it was and remade the bodice using the existing top and a section of the skirt pieces. I had to be rather creative and re-sew a new seam so that it all matched up symmetrically.



The lack of fabric means that my waistline seam is actually rather curved, and it could do with being taken in a bit more, but with a wide belt I think it looks rather nice, and will definitely be a good holiday dress.


Oh and in case you hadn’t noticed, the neckline gapes a bit. Ive taped it down for these pictures (ouch), but I’m hoping some serious steaming will help fix the issue!


Apologies – I also didn’t realise how much it needed ironing!

12 thoughts on “Dreaming of…summer sun and seasonally appropriate outfits

  1. What interesting lines in the bodice of you dress! I love it! I have been working on summer dresses and I don’t even care…. I will be soooo ready for spring!

  2. Lara, I can’t believe you’ve been hanging round the park in that dress (Roath or Bute?!) without catching pneumonia! I think it’s lovely, I like the bodice & waistband. It will look even lovelier in the Summer, on a warm evening with a glass of chilled wine!
    Hope all is well. Any news of the inspectors?

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