Dreaming of…’to do lists’ done!

Way back when, Hannah, from Made With Hugs and Kisses, released this FREE pattern download. I printed it out straight away.

And then it sat in my ‘to do’ pile for nearly a year and a half. Oops, sorry Hannah!

Anyway, to cut a long story short, I finally got round to making it up during my ‘old stuff remake’ sessions that I mentioned before.

This was originally a sickly sweet strapless dress, (ick!) which I NEVER wore. But it was made from lovely brushed organic cotton that my mum gave me.


Due to the cut of the dress, I had to be rather creative with recutting this pattern, so you can see some random seam lines on the peplum, but I don’t mind them at all as they are symmetrical.



I tried to pattern match wherever I could, but was hindered by the lack of fabric again.


Without doubt, my favourite part of this make is the beautiful covered buttons, which were a christmas gift from a friend.


I think the top works well tucked in or out and I’m definitely looking forward to wearing it in the summer!



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