Dreaming of…cheap and easy makes.

After making Martin’s coat, I needed some simple sewing projects.

A few of my items in my Etsy shop were due to expire. I had a look at the stats on each item and the ones with very few hits, I decided to remake into items that I’ll wear.

The first one of these was this dress, which I nearly didn’t add a link to – just check out the photos to see why!


It was one of my earliest makes and so badly made. Plus it doesn’t fit anymore. So I used this dress pattern to remake it. I’ve made this dress before, but this time I just made the under dress version and shortened it by 3 inches or so. I just squeezed it out of the original skirt section.



This complete remake only took an hour or so. It’s a very simple pattern and very satisfying after so much time spent on the coat.



Plus, it felt so good remaking a dress I’ll never wear, in to something so versatile!



Oh – and I wanted to show you my new ‘leather’ jacket – it’s like the coolest piece of clothing I own!


16 thoughts on “Dreaming of…cheap and easy makes.

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