Dreaming of…last minute commissions and a free skirt

2 weeks before christmas I received a rather last minute and rather exciting commission.

A friend of mine was getting married on December 29th and his fiancée was struggling to find bridesmaid dresses. She had bought some dresses (that she didn’t end up liking), and then purchased some lovely tops from Monsoon. She couldn’t find anything to go with skirts. So I was called in!

We had a quick chat about what she wanted and I suggested either a pleated or circle skirt. Her mum had bought about 7m of this navy satin fabric, so there was plenty to play around with.

One of the bridesmaids had similar measurements to mine, so I suggested making one of each shape skirt before she decided which one to use.



In the end she went for the circle skirt – definitely the best choice.


And bonus for me, I got to keep the spare pleated skirt.




I used a blind stitch hem, but this fabric shows up every pucker. It looks ok, but I definitely wouldn’t have been too happy to let this out in public. I might chop the bottom off at some point and use a mini hem. I think that making it slightly shorter might be more flattering anyway. What do you think?





All in all, a lovely skirt for the festive season.
Hopefully I’ll be able to show you some photos of the full bridesmaid outfits soon!

18 thoughts on “Dreaming of…last minute commissions and a free skirt

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  3. I love the pleated version – looks great on you, especially the lovely colour! It’d be great to see the completed bridesmaid outfits – looking forward to an update 🙂

  4. The color of that skirt is absolutely divine!

    I’ve worked with satin a few times before for garments such as this, and ya, they can be kind of a pain in the neck in showing every pucker. What ended up working for me was underlining the garment but that’s yet another headache.

    That’s super cool that you got to work on some pieces for a wedding! What a lovely honor! You should post some of the wedding pictures so we can all see your work!

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