Dreaming of … 2014

I’ve caved and joined in with a mini review of my year.

Screen Shot 2015-01-01 at 10.11.10

In total I made:
For myself:
dresses 18 / skirts 7 / tops 3

For others:
dresses 4 / skirts 2 / coats 1 – nearly
TOTAL: 6.5

I haven’t counted a large handful of up cycles, but I have included some of the remakes where I completely changed the original item. I’m surprised how many items I made, as one of my goals for last year was to sew less and sew better. However, I think I did sew fewer items, and they are all regularly worn, so I think on the whole I stuck to that goal. You can see pretty much everything I sewed for myself, over on my Pinterest board.

So, to move on without further ado, these are the top 5 makes in my opinion. I actually found it really hard to choose these – shock horror, I pretty much like everything I’ve made this year, but after some long, hard reflections, I have finally come to a conclusion…which will very likely change next time I look at my wardrobe again.

In no particular order…

My navy and cream bow dress. For no other reason that that I absolutely love it. I haven’t actually worn it out yet, but I have a wedding in 2 weeks that it’s already earmarked for.

The smug look says it all!

The smug look says it all!

This years Mad Men entry. I actually wear this all the time and I just love the fullness of the skirt and the hook and eye fastening.


A bit of a cheat here – but I’ve chosen my cambies (yes, plural), because I made them all at the same time and I’m not sure which one I like best! One and two/three here.


You might think this next one is an odd choice, but I’ve chosen it because it’s on constant rotation in my wardrobe and was such a simple, but effective way to up cycle an unwanted shirt.


And finally, this isn’t even finished yet and it has caused me more headaches than I can say, but I have to give special mention to Martin’s coat, purely for the labour intensivity and new skills that have gone into it. I’m hoping that claiming it as a top make, doesn’t jinx the actual finished item!


What do you think? Have I chosen wisely?

Oh, and HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all! As I mentioned last week, I’m only making one sewing resolution this year. It’s actually more of a warning to myself, rather than a resolution, but I’m determined to sleep on issues in my makes rather than literally cutting into fabric to attempt quick fixes. It never works and I should have learnt that by now! Who else has sewing warnings / resolutions for themselves this year? I’d love to hear them.

9 thoughts on “Dreaming of … 2014

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  2. I love your Cambies! Especially the floral one. I’d forgotten about that pattern – it was all over the interwebs a few months ago, when I was thinking about winter clothes so wasn’t ready to sew it. Now is really the time to remember it again, in our southern summer 🙂

  3. I just adore everything you’ve made! One of my goals this year is to get my hands on a cambie dress pattern and make a couple of my own! It’s crazy to look back and see how much you’ve sewn. As always keep up the great work!

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