Dreaming of…post Christmas creations

I’m keeping this very short and sweet as I am mostly full of chocolates and currently sitting on the sofa, watching Frozen!


Perfect for the day after boxing day and I have no intention of moving for at least another 24 hours!

Just a quick update on Martin’s coat progress.

It was going swimmingly. The fabric is a dream to sew and it was all going together very neatly. Including the miles of topstitching – which I find rather relaxing.

Alas, I have hit a few snags now that it’s come to attaching the sleeves.

It’s almost like they’re at the wrong angle, but I’ve checked the pattern and the notches and I’m doing just what vogue has told me to. Rather tragically, on Christmas Eve, in the dizzy haze of thinking I knew best, I took the foolish decision to move the shoulder seam in – by HACKING straight into the fabric!!

This was a disaster, so I reattached the bit I’d cut off and made it into a ‘design feature’ (always the saving term for a covered up mess!).

Obviously it looks neater on the outside!

The sleeves still don’t sit quite right so I have unpicked them again and have rotated them regardless of the instructions.


If this doesn’t work out I’m going to have to start pretty much from scratch with a new muslin. Luckily I have quite a lot of fabric left and some pieces that I can salvage from this cashmere, but still a bit of a nightmare. My new years resolution is definitely going to be to sleep on mistakes, rather than cutting into almost finished garments as this is an all too familiar occurrence!

Any tips on sleeve settings?

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas if you celebrate it, and a lovely Thursday if you don’t!


2 thoughts on “Dreaming of…post Christmas creations

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