Dreaming of…waste not, want not (wash NOT!)

Suffice to say, I’m not a fan of throwing things away. I hate waste. So when clothes are past their best (or more often than not, shrunken in the wash!) I like to find new purpose for them.

Remember this jumper for example? On that occasion, I turned a shrunken jumper into a hat.

For my next trick, I’ll be doing an even more simple remake.

Once again it involves a hand wash only jumper that went in the washing machine (oops).

At one point, the jumper fit Martin well, but after it’s foray into the spin cycle, it came out a bit snug. Of course, unwanted fabric of any kind gets passed straight on to me. And rather conveniently, it fit me.


DISCLAIMER – there was no intentional shrinking here! (Although I have been wanting some new jumpers for a while, so it turned out well for me)

The original neckline was too high and not at all flattering, so I used my french curve to draw a new, rounded neckline.





I purposely left it quite a narrow so that I could wear most of my t-shirts underneath without seeing their necklines.

I played around with lots of collars and lace ideas, but they were all too fussy.

In the end I settled for this scalloped trimmed bias binding. From there it was a simple process of sandwiching the wool in the binding, pinning it down and stitching in place.



There was a little bit left over, so obviously I made a bow! I couldn’t commit to where or whether I liked the bow, so I just tied it to a safety pin and made it detachable.



All in all a very satisfying way to spend half an hour!






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