Dreaming of…matching stripes and well fitting patterns

Ah if only.

This is a tale of woes and wishes. Unfulfilled dreams and nights filled with terrors and panics. Fear not, I have hidden the blood, sweat and tears under a facade of lace and smiles, but if you peel back the layers and look carefully underneath, you might just pick up on some of the frustration underneath!

And so the tale begins. I began making this dress based on my initial designs, using New Look 6143. I thought I had fixed the fitting issues after making this dress.


So this time I cut a size smaller and took the wedge out of the back. Thinking that this was going to solve the fitting issues, I ploughed ahead, painstakingly matching the stripes, putting in a side zipper and binding all the edges.

I then tried it on.

And oh the pain!! It was far too big and the back was still gaping.

There was nothing for it. I took out the side zip and made the rash decision to move it to the back. This way I could pinch out even more fabric at the top and take in an even amount on each side as well as the centre back.


This helped with the fit, but now ALL of the stripes were unmatched.

To add to the misery, I had to use a beige invisible zipper from my stash. This is mostly ok on the invisibility front, apart from a slight gape at the waist and the pull, but because there are so many layers, it’s now rather hard to do up. Especially at the waist.

I fully declared that I hated this dress.

And then it came to taking photos. (I’m a firm believer in showing all my projects including those I’m not so keen on.)

Something had changed. I couldn’t see the back of the dress, and without that, I loved it!





I’m fully aware that it’s not my most professional make. That there are flaws and imperfections, but there are also aspects that I love.


I love the casual shape of the bodice, the pleated sleeves (which I took in from the last version), the structure of the pleats on the skirt and the layering of the lace. (Wouldn’t it look fab in a more delicate lace?!) I used a blue cotton to underline the lace and then sewed them as one piece. It made the lace a bit more stable and stopped it stretching out too much.







And so, the horror story, became a fairytale. And we both lived happily ever after!

NB – apologies if I have scared you with all the drama and pain of this tale, rest assured that there is a happy ending.


18 thoughts on “Dreaming of…matching stripes and well fitting patterns

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  2. I can’t believe you didn’t like this dress! It is soooo pretty. The sleeves are super cute, the skirt is flattering but most of all I love the color on you. 🙂 next time better, right?

  3. Well, the images look great- the dress looks amazing. I totally understand about the fitting thing. Unfortunately, the only real end-all-be-all way to get around that is to make a personal block/sloper. Mine is sitting around somewhere…unfinished 😦 I haven’t made anything in months because of it!

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